Rocreh Web Design

The first Computer Education Department SEO Contest for students. All students BS computer science, computer laderirzed, and computer hardware servicing.
I really want to join of this contest  because I also want to prove I knew about it in this field although I am not much perfection in this field I'm just trying my best and hopefully not even me win this contest I will like to include that one of the top 10 of this contest.
I know that the more best participating here and I hope more students yet joined this contest because their have also many talented students in the IT Department and especially the BS Computer Science.
The contest will optimized the certain keyword “rocrech web design”. Starting on January 19, 2010, end on first day of IT Week.
We are doing our very best to win the contest eigther we are Computer Technicians. Because of the skills we learned from our pounder we can do everything to be on the top. I am also building links for our team entry for Sikat ang Pinoy national seo contest.

Prizes for Top 3 Ranking

1st Prize
P1500.00 cash
Plus WEBSITE (1 year domain registration for .com + hosting)

2nd Prize
P800.00 cash
Plus WEBSITE (1 year domain registration for .info only + hosting)

3rd Prize
P500.00 cash
Plus WEBSITE (1 year domain registration for .info only + hosting

Watch Avatar Movie Online

Watch the Avatar movie on this coming   December 18, 2009. This is an upcoming epic 3-D science fiction film directed by James Cameron. The story focuses on an epic conflict on a far-away world called Pandora, where humans and the native species of Pandora, the Na'vi, engage in war over the planet's resources and existence. The film is officially rated PG-13 by the MPAA for intense epic battle sequences and warfare, sensuality, language and some smoking.
There are already a number of adaptations of Avatar, including a novelization and those in the form of a video game and action figures.
Avatar is a futuristic science fiction film that describes humans employ Avatars to evacuate peaceful aliens from their mineral-rich forest.
§                     Sam Worthington as Jake Sully, the epoch's protagonist. He is an ex-marine, paralyzed from the waist down that volunteer to go to Pandora as an avatar, because humans cannot breathe Pandoran air. There he falls in love with the Na'vi princess, Neytiri.
§                     Sigourney Weaver as Dr. Grace Augustine, a botanist that mentors Jake Sully and helps him in the amazing planet of Pandora. She is in charge that everybody will get home alive.
§                     Michelle Rodriguez as Trudy Chacon, a retired marine pilot.
§                     Joel David Moore as Norm Spellman, an anthropologist who studies plant and nature life (like Dr. Augustine). He is impatient to finally land on Pandora, after a long trip.
§                     Stephen Lang as Colonel Quaritch, the chief of security on Pandora. He hates pandoran life and is the main antagonist.
§                     Giovanni Ribisi as Parker Selfridge, the chairman of the RDA that does anything for money.
§                     Matt Gerald as Lyle Wainfleet, a SecFor corporal and the second-most prominent villain, after Quaritch.
§                     Dileep Rao as Dr. Max Patel, the doctor of the operation that passes the human mind on an avatar.


§                     Zoe Saldana as Neytiri, the Omaticaya's Clan princess Jake initially betrays, but then falls in love with.
§                     CCH Pounder as Mo'at, the clan's queen and mother of Neytiri. She feels uncomfortable about the human visiting her home planet.
§                     Laz Alonso as Tsu'Tey, a prince-like character and one of the clan's finest warriors.

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Naruto shippuden 137

Watch the Episode of one of the most popular anime movie the naruto shippuden 137 on this coming December 6, 2009. and don't missed this great Episode of this anime movie and you can also watch the full video of this mivie here.
So guys; Hurry and watch the new Episode of this manga TV Series movie the Episode 137.
The episodes of the anime series Naruto: Shippuden are directed by Hayato Date and produced by Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo. They are based on Part II of the Naruto manga series by Masashi Kishimoto. Naruto: Shippuden is a continuation of the Naruto manga series by Kishimoto, and continues the same storyline after the passing of two and a half years in the fictional Naruto universe. The episodes began airing on February 15, 2007 and have all been shown on TV Tokyo in Japan.
On January 2, 2009 Viz Media and Crunchyroll began providing eight English subtitled Naruto: Shippuden episodes on the official Naruto website every week until it has caught up to the Japanese anime. Also, beginning January 15, 2009, Viz began providing subtitled versions of the latest Naruto: Shippuden episodes a week after they first air in Japan, with a new episode being added to the Naruto website each subsequent Thursday. Viz has stated the English dub will air sometime in the near future though at the Anime Expo 09, it was revealed episodes of Naruto: Shippuden can only be seen on DVD releases. On September 10, 2009, Viz confirmed the English dub of Naruto: Shippuden will be airing on Disney XD in the United States in October which will air weekly. Episodes 1-17 of the English dub have recently become available at the iTunes Store. The first DVD release of the series in North America was released on September 29, 2009. Episodes 1 through 53 were made and broadcast in 4:3 fullscreen, while episodes 54 onward were made and broadcast in 16:9 widescreen.

Watch Naruto Shippuden 135

Watch the next Episode of this online movie, The Naruto Shippuden 135 and I will give you the full video of this movie and don't worry you only watch the full video of that Episode in this site so just mark this site in your mind and don't missed this one of the most greatest TV Series in your favorite TV Channel. And this video is more advance in the all Channel that show this movie.
So hurry and Watch the great movie from the tribe of manga TV Series and   this movie is on the life of young  Hero on their tribe.